Local and long-distance moves and storage.

Baltimore, MD

We would like to thank you for considering us for your moving needs. Our goal at ORLY is to provide you with as accurate an estimate as possible, so there are no surprises on your moving day. If you have any questions before, during, or after the estimate, please feel free to ask us.

Local Move (Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan Area)

Local moves are charged by the hour. The rate depends on the number of movers and the number of trucks required for your move. Your account executive will make the proper determination. The time charged is from office to office, unless otherwise specified in the estimate. If packing is needed, that too is charged by an hourly rate. We place a 25% ceiling on the total labor hours estimated by our account executives. Packing materials, such as tapes, or boxes, are charged based on actual usage. At ORLY we do not charge extra for the use of moving pads. Your standard moving insurance is included in the price. Additional insurance can be secured on the day of the move (please see the insurance explanation).

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Long Distance Move (US Only)

Long distance charges are based on volume (cubic feet). The price is binding as long as the list of items on the cost estimate is equal to the actual list of items moved. It is the your responsibility to check that all items to be moved are listed on the binding cost estimate. If you feel as though you may have more or less boxes on the move day than our account executive has estimated, please bring it to his or her attention. For long distance moves, packing is charged by the box rather than by the hour. The charge for packing labor, although not an hourly rate, is separate from the charge for packing materials. Packing materials will be charged according to actual usage. If we estimate packing of your entire home, the estimate is binding for labor and will not change. If we estimate packing of part of your home, we will charge for the actual packing that is done on the move day. There is no binding price or ceiling in this case. If the inventory list has changed in any way, or if you have changed your mind about what you would like packed, please call our office, so we can recalculate your estimate and make the proper arrangements for your move. Standard insurance is included in the price. Additional insurance can be secured on the day of the move (please see the insurance explanation).

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Moving Tips

Movers are prohibited from taking anything combustible or flammable on the moving truck. This includes aerosol cans, propane, gasoline, and combustible materials that may be found in certain cleaners, paints, and industrial chemicals. These items usually have warning labels.

We move lawn mowers, snow blowers, gas grilles, and, in general, small motorized equipment. However, flammable and combustible fuels have to be drained and/or removed.

The states of Florida and California will not allow BBQ or propane grilles to be imported across their state lines.

Refrigerators and freezers need to be completely emptied and defrosted prior to the move.

Dresser and bureau drawers, as well as filing cabinets, often need to be emptied prior to the move. We realize that other companies may not ask this of you; however, depending on the complexity of the move, the runners and tracks, on which the drawers slide, often do not withstand the weight of the contents in conjunction with the added stress of relocation. Also, by reducing the weight of these pieces, you will make the pieces easier to handle, reducing the chance of injury to the movers, as well as damage to the surrounding walls. If you are unsure as to whether your drawers need to be emptied, please contact your ORLY account executive.

It is our experience that plastic bags generally create significant difficulties. We understand that you may need to use two or three bags; this is acceptable. Any additional bags will need to be placed in sealed moving boxes. The content of plastic bags can not be insured.

Copy machines need to be serviced prior to the move. Toner, especially liquid, must be completely removed.

By law, we can not transport plants over state lines. Also, as you might expect, plants do not like to be relocated. Factors such as temperature and distance play a major role in their survival. Subsequently, we can not be responsible for such indirect damage to plants.

When the job has been completed inspect the truck to make sure that nothing has been left behind.

We encourage you to call us with any questions or concerns pertaining to your move. We are here to service you. For your convenience, as well as ours, please record your ORLY reference number, as well as your account executive's name. By doing so, we will be able to service.